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idk heres greedling by Greed-Alchemist idk heres greedling :icongreed-alchemist:Greed-Alchemist 1 0 Fullmetal Alert by Greed-Alchemist Fullmetal Alert :icongreed-alchemist:Greed-Alchemist 2 0 LOOK WHO IT IS by Greed-Alchemist LOOK WHO IT IS :icongreed-alchemist:Greed-Alchemist 3 31
I Love You, Emperor Yao//GreedxLing
"Wow, you look ridiculous."
Ling turned his gaze away from the mirror he was in front of, looking in the direction of the doorway. Who was there was none other than Greed, his usual snickerish expression on his face. Letting out a snort, the emperor-to-be replied in a angered tone. "Excuse me? This is traditional Xingese clothing! Every emperor for centries have always worn this to their coronatio-"
"Hey, relax, I was just kiddin'." The homunculus softly smirked. "You look nice."
Sighing softly, Ling formed a small smile. "Thanks for stopping by, Greed."
"Heh, no problem, pissant." Greed walked over to the Xingian, one hand in his pant pockets. He took off his sunglasses with his other hand, his purple eyes filled with pride. "I'm sure you're gonna do great out there."
"I-I hope." He softly muttered a reply, letting out an awkward chuckle. "T-To tell you the truth, I'm a bit nervous. I'm excited, yet I'm scared at the same time...What if I mess up? And...And I ruin the whole ceremony?"
:icongreed-alchemist:Greed-Alchemist 18 6
-:Winterly Additude:- GreedxLing
Greed blinked, looking over from the chair he was sitting in at the young emperor Ling. Damn, he's been sneezing all day! It was the middle of Winter, but still, the humunculos hoped his love wasn't sick. Standing up, he went over to him. The emperor had his head on the desk in front of him, documents and papers with doodles on them scattered everywhere. Greed lifted up his boyfriend's head by his chin, his hand softly holding it. He bent down to get to the same height as him. "Ling, are you sick?"
"Yeah...I think." He sniffled slightly. "I've been sick all day..."
"I can tell, you're building up a sneeze-storm."
"Mehhh..." Ling complained, sneezing again. "I hate getting sick..."
"You need rest." Greed picked up a tissue, and gave it to him. Ling started to wipe his nose and blow it.
"I can't." He said, throwing the used-tissue in a garbage can. "I have too much work to do."
Greed grunted. "All you've been doing is drawing, and it's not even good drawing."
"Hey!" The emp
:icongreed-alchemist:Greed-Alchemist 9 6
Blu :3 by Greed-Alchemist Blu :3 :icongreed-alchemist:Greed-Alchemist 5 15
Mature content
-:Trip To Devil's Nest:- GreedxLing :icongreed-alchemist:Greed-Alchemist 3 5
-:Karl:- First Attempt -uncolored- by Greed-Alchemist -:Karl:- First Attempt -uncolored- :icongreed-alchemist:Greed-Alchemist 1 11 Awwwwwez by Greed-Alchemist Awwwwwez :icongreed-alchemist:Greed-Alchemist 1 6 Orikero doodle stroodles from LA class by Greed-Alchemist Orikero doodle stroodles from LA class :icongreed-alchemist:Greed-Alchemist 1 1 Sageshii Ref by Greed-Alchemist Sageshii Ref :icongreed-alchemist:Greed-Alchemist 3 8 Shalalaness by Greed-Alchemist Shalalaness :icongreed-alchemist:Greed-Alchemist 1 4 Christmas is early this year by Greed-Alchemist Christmas is early this year :icongreed-alchemist:Greed-Alchemist 4 7
Vanishing Blue
A Pokemon Blue CreepyPasta
It was about mid-day, a cold December day. I was walking down the street from my bus stop to get home, like I do every school day; since my bus stop is a bit up the road from my house. I was tucking my hands into my blue jacket, god it was freezing. Once I was all alone on the road, about a few feet from my street; a noticed something blue in the ditch that's beside my backyard; following beside the road. Curiously, I walked over. I bent down, peering closer to the imagine plasted onto the square figure. Much to my surprise, it was a copy of Pokemon Blue. I picked it up, taking a closer look at it. It was in perfect shape, well maybe the picture of the Blastios was a bit shredded, but hey; it was the best condition of a old game like this I've seen in a while. I had gotten a Game Boy Advance from my dad last month, and didn't really have any games to play. So I decided to stuff it in my pocket, and take it home with me. I was itching with exciment, for the
:icongreed-alchemist:Greed-Alchemist 1 7
Lead singer of a band drew me this by Greed-Alchemist Lead singer of a band drew me this :icongreed-alchemist:Greed-Alchemist 0 0 Storm killed Super Sonic by Greed-Alchemist Storm killed Super Sonic :icongreed-alchemist:Greed-Alchemist 0 1


Heiwajima Shizuo by LonelyKnight Heiwajima Shizuo :iconlonelyknight:LonelyKnight 1,160 127 My Neighbor Nina by SamuraiWARRIOR7 My Neighbor Nina :iconsamuraiwarrior7:SamuraiWARRIOR7 510 283 Exeggcute by Red-Flare Exeggcute :iconred-flare:Red-Flare 572 68 America by The-Ghost-Writer America :iconthe-ghost-writer:The-Ghost-Writer 1,386 91 Hetalia - America emotions by kanae Hetalia - America emotions :iconkanae:kanae 6,287 600 Hetalia America by Volpino-Nethz Hetalia America :iconvolpino-nethz:Volpino-Nethz 1,988 86 England as a pirate by LukaSirosaki England as a pirate :iconlukasirosaki:LukaSirosaki 1,030 122 Pirate England by MizuSasori Pirate England :iconmizusasori:MizuSasori 1,952 136
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Awesome art by peeps:la:


seriously tho you guys should go watch my new account because this account is history


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